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Reframing the way we think about dating, romance, break-ups, divorce and love.

Our Background

Al & Ari are coming together here to dispense with today’s coliseum of platitudinal relationship “advice” such as “speak your truth”, “how to spot a narcissist”, bubble theory, and our newfound ridiculousness that falls under the umbrella of how to avoid the “biggest icks”.

Instead, they will collect and tell people’s unique relationship stories, and maybe reframe the way we think about dating, romance, break-ups, divorce and love. Perhaps, if we view love through a nonlinear lens, we can find a way to encourage a reduction in conflict as our paths to the next chapter begin. If we can make peace, not war, with the simple fact that so many of our relationships have a natural shelf life, the possibilities could be limitless. 

We wanted to talk about the underpinnings of love, romance, breakups and divorce without subscribing to the self-help drivel that has permeated pop culture for decades and continues to do so today.  

30-year-old Ari has been in 13 relationships during the decade of her 20s, and Al has been married since Ari was 12. Ari has been in both good (maintaining friendships) and bad (sometimes, intensely conflictual) break-ups. Al, in his capacity as a divorce lawyer has experienced both civil and acrimonious divorces, with a core belief in prioritizing the intangible asset that is nowhere to be found on any balance sheet: long-term emotional capital.

New York-based divorce lawyer with the Am Law 100 firm Blank Rome. He counsels clients through the legal, financial, and logistical sides of navigating a separation from a partner. 

Alan Feigenbaum

Writer in New York, whose storytelling focuses on relationship dynamics. She has amassed a wide array of experiences (or failures?!) in 13 different relationships during the course of her 20s.

Ariella Steinhorn

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